B55-0977D - Section Bolt

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B55-0977D - Section Bolt
Item #: B55-0977D
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For our section S20-1976.

1/4" x 7/8" Grade 8 bolt.

36 bolts and nuts per package.


• Quick and easy section changes are possible with bolts.

• No more cutting, chiseling, or grinding. Simply unbolt the section, replace and tighten bolts.

• Bolts will not turn in Knife Back and are reusable. They will last thru the life of several sections.

• Bolts may be replaced easily if accidentally damaged or broken.

• No special tools are needed to change sections, only 7/16" wrench or socket.

• Bolt and nuts hold better than rivets and they have a greater "clamp load" than rivets.

• Special lock nuts will not vibrate loose.

• Torque to 8-10 foot pounds.

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