FERMED - Ferobide Medium

FERMED - Ferobide Medium
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.98 x 1.57"

Sold in packs of 10.

FEROBIDE uses a steel matrix to bond tungsten particles together. The unique forming process yields wear resistance similar to traditional tungsten carbide whilst allowing tiles to be easily cut and welded in place. This, combined with superior toughness, makes FEROBIDE the ideal choice for high impact and high abrasion situations.

By using FEROBIDE wear protection, farmers can significantly increase the working life of soil-engaging points, avoid lengthy downtime, and boost farm productivity.

• Weld Anywhere Onto A Point
• Greatly Increases Point Lifetime
• Boost Productivity And Output
• Significantly Reduce Downtime
• Protect Vital Machinery Parts
• Maintain Hardness Of Metal Points
• Cut And Weld With Standard Tools
• Cut Costs And Save Money

• Weldable
• Full Protection To Points
• Very High Impact Strength
• Superior Resistance To Chipping
• Resistance To Abrasion Directly Comparable To Tungsten Carbide
• Easy To Cut With Standard Tools
• Easy To Weld With Standard Tools

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